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Game and Nature

Haiwan Park is located on the west side of Hubin Xilu and between the west Xiamen waters and Yundang Lake. The park covers an area of 200,100 square meters.

Riguang Mountain– Get an amazing 360-degree view over Gulangyu and Xiamen by climbing on top of the small Riguang Mountain where there is a lookout tower.

Xiamen Botanical Garden is set amidst Wanshi Mountain in the southeastern part of Xiamen Island, also known as Wanshi Botanical Garden. It’s an integral part of the Gulangyu Islet

Shuzhuang Garden is located on the south of Gulangyu Island, sandwiched between ocean and cliff. On the east lies Guanhai Garden Traveling Village. On the west lies Gangzihou Bathing Beach.